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CHARACTERS OF THE SCIENCE FICTION series 1. The iio boys – ssou nou kou pou mou tou hou 2. The earth boys – aayna, bayna, gayna, khayna, jayna 3. S uncle Ananta Aloy THE SPACE COLONY SOMA AMRIT BHABANI Chapter zero.

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It is only by serving that we are. Where the professions have shown the way the trades might safelv follorr. Realizing thnt the slaughter of a few more hundred of popl in Germany due to trouble Marted by plotters in. After an inspection of h:s r. What cares lie for those ruerted to death beo. Stop their noise!

The "superman" who played with millLns of "common lives" with no more feeling for them than 'f they had been ordinary dic "wants to pass the evening of his life quietly" or until the German pecplf are witless nough to 'brow themselves a pa In before hi Juggernaut. Are the people ung to confirm h.

Ar they going to let it s;.. Are they goin to l:-t n to the agents of the monarch! The peoples who had spirit enough to fight for tho. With none but the junkers and their dupes. Hut no matter to whom or to how many William II would be a martyr by applying the penalties of his crimes to him, there should be enough spirit left in the people to smash through every obstruction and give him what he deserves.

In the people.

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Hae they no wounds of spirit to 'redress or do 'they forget as soon as some war god ceases to apply the lash to their bodies? Justice is not. Insults to the spirit ought to be considered as well as the wounds inflicted upon the body. His holding to the altar in the tabernacle of th Lord could not save the murderous Joab from receiving his just deserts then and there. If William II is. A clinic devoted solely to the cure of defective speech is one of the most modern of public institutions, and one which can be established in any community. It is found already in several progressive cities.

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All treatments at this clinic are fre There are day classes for those who can take advantage of them, and evening classes for those who cannot. Stammering, stuttering and lisping are treated, as are d fective teeth, jaw and mouth conditions. Contributing nervous affections also are studied and treated. There i. There are few physical defects more cruel or more humiliating than those which lead to peculiar speech.

By far the larger part of these can be remedied. Xo citizen, old or young, who needs such aid as the speech tlinic can give should be forced to do without it. There is no doubt that many an afflicted mortal has grown up with the stigma of mental derangement when his true trouble was a remediable defect in the organs of speech. Many a child who might have become a genius has become instead a morose recluse, or even taken his own life, beoau?

Surely no agency is more deserving of public support than one which prevents such tragedies. And In this work, as in all work of a remedial nature, society in helping the unfortunate does most for itself. A commission on race relations has been appointed by the governor of Arkansas In a laudr. This commission is to meet at least monthly to investigate causes of clashes that may occur and to devise remedies that will avoid stich affairs.

Something of the nature was undertaken in Illinois after the Chicago riots, but this action by t southern sU'to is more significant in that it seem. It seems to be also a reo -ognition that the negroes have rights and that they may not always be the aggressors in starting trouble. However, one difficulty that may be experienced by the commission in securing amity between the races lies in the fact that those of either race who are the most likely to incite trouble are of a character least amenable to any recommendations that such a body may make.

If appreciation of the rights of every individual, white or black, to protection in his life and property can be inculcated and the assurance that th aw will be invoked against those whom commit crimes can be instilled to prevent mob action when the culprit is black, the commission will serve a useful purpose. Ienine is the wor'd's greatest joker.

Understanding Those Who Are Different

He says he will welcome allied investigating commissions if the allies will grant audience to Lenine's investigating commissions in other lands. The chancellories of Europe are ready to agree with remarkable unanimity that out of Rumania has come a great man and a great hope. The man is Dr. Vfllda-Voevcd is, or was, a Hungarian citizen. Of Rumanian descent, he went to the Hungarian purlnment representing Transylvania and fought its battles.

He is a patriot, and no opportunist, a man described as an "enlightened, purposeful and sincere personality. Rumania can look back on 10 centuries of somewhat turbulent history, running all the way from Trajan's settlement. Through all manner of adventures and Invasions a national tradition has been preserved until, in the last fight for indeDendence. One hundred yeara ago the great powers were r. And to guide the j regnant future of the new state this man is chosen who enunciates as his fundamental truth, that the prosperity of every country depends on the well-being and stability of its neightors.

If that spirit were at larce among leaders and ; eop'es there would be no Balkan trouble. Such a spirit of moderation, coupled with firmness, forbearance and energy, will go far to realize Rumania's hope and ju5tify the world's recognition of her c. There's neither beer nor wine nor booze; Water's full of terms n such.

Chocolate stops up your pores; Lcmoniulo destroys its scores. Carbonates are tombstone dust If you drink 'em you will bust Caffeine in the coffee cup Makes you turn your tootsies up; Tannic acid in the tea leather makes of you and me. Liquids, liquids, everywhere. Hut to drink 'em who will dare?? Anything you like to drink Is sure to put you on the blink. Very well, gosh eling it all!

Pass the mcthl alcohol. Pass a snort of kerosene And a bowl of paris green. Pass a slug of TXT, Some carbolic slip to me; Xow a shot of cyanide We can't tell until we've tried And a cocktail we will brew To give life a rosy hue. Stir it up and drink it quick That stuff ought to have a kick! Kick us into kingdom come? Well, so did Old Demon Rum! The rest had to pay through the nose, which stopped no one.

After a week, our factories had to increase output. This time, the side effects surprised even me. Transmutations occurred spontaneously. They could happen anywhere—at work, at home, en route, in the bath, or in bed.

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Typically a transmutation caused a discharge of airy foam, colored a pleasant shade of green. It was odorless and flavorless someone had dared to taste it. The foam was difficult to wash off sidewalks, walls, objects, and the skin of nearby people. After all—green is the color of optimism.

The beginning of a transmutation could be anticipated by the refreshing tingling of the nose.

See a Problem?

Some people sneezed. I thought society got used to all of this rather quickly. People dressed in civilian clothing showed up at our offices. Their true affiliation could be easily deciphered by the seal of government authority stamped on their facial expressions. Their leader was a tall gentleman by the name of Colonel Zverev, clearly a purist. Colonel Zverev hated us with a passion.

For a moment, I felt like I should make up an excuse and just get out of there. He must have known through experience that flight was the usual psychological response to meeting him. I came up with the methodology for identifying the original genetic code in a transmuted body. The resulting prototype was bulky and resembled an oversized paintball gun.

Not sleek, but effective enough for fieldwork. Which was great, except whoever it was used on suffered unbearable agony: bone aches, ringing in the ears, high blood pressure. The pain was severe enough to potentially kill someone.