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Working with a concept developed by Baltimore-based Younts Design, Cima Network built and installed an array of visual communications that includes signs that identify the entirety of the Yard, a new family-friendly stadium section, which includes an ice cream stand with a custom-built, illuminated cone , play areas and other amenities.

Baseball is about more than cheering your hometown team on to victory. Fathers showing their sons or grandpas teaching grandsons how to record a putout on a scorecard.

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Bucky smells like leather and bubblegum. Like Brooklyn on a summer afternoon. Seemed like you had all your pitches working.


Had to give 'em something fun to watch. Glad I didn't have to bat against you. Steve vividly remembers the time when there hadn't been enough hours in the day for all the things they had to say to each other. He'd always loved the Barnes family — they'd always seemed so boisterous and larger than life, especially compared to Steve's own small family of two. Yeah, he knows his mom loved him and had done the best she could, but he still kinda wishes she'd remarried after his dad died, maybe had another kid or two.

He thinks he would have liked being an older brother.

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And if he has a pang or two sometimes that he hasn't been able to call the Barnes clan his family for the last nine years, well, it's his own fault, and a penance he'll bear in silence. He's vaguely surprised that there are no cameras or reporters around, no fans clamoring for autographs.

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I can come and go without anyone knowing. Sometimes I park at their place and walk to the stadium, if it's nice out. A little more like how they used to be before Bucky's senior year of high school, when everything between them had changed. He knows what happened to sour their friendship is his fault.

Going Yard for the Phillies

Just like he knows that his life would have been so much different if he hadn't been such a teenage idiot and hadn't — well, it's not worth dredging up again. Water under the bridge. The past is the past and it's best to keep it there. Jack's is still here and so is Pedro's, but the old Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge closed about a year back. Steve forces himself to concentrate on the conversation. Thought for sure you were gonna get us busted. Bucky gives him a long look he can't quite decipher, hair falling across his forehead and into his eyes, then claps him on the shoulder.

If we're lucky, we won't have to buy drinks all night, either. His skin tingles where Bucky's touching him. You'll always be a New Yorker," Bucky assures him, and squeezes his shoulder again. Everything is a little fuzzy around the edges, and that's just fine with Steve. He's lost count of the number of shots he and Bucky have been bought and the number of well wishes and pats on the back he's gotten.

If anything, Bucky had under estimated the fans and their reaction to seeing two of their own out and about. Steve's been trying to maintain his buzz by sipping water between shots and drinks, but he can definitely tell he's well on his way to drunk. And, unless he's very much mistaken, Bucky's right there with him. Bucky just gives him a thumbs up and goes back to his conversation with the stacked Hispanic chick on his other side.


If Buck doesn't wind up either in her bed or at the very least with her number, Steve'll be shocked. Just like old times, he thinks, as he makes his mostly steady way down the hallway to the bathrooms. Bucky'd been born with the ability to charm just about everyone. Although Steve vaguely remembers hearing something about Bucky breaking up with his long-time girlfriend, Gretchen-something-or-another, earlier in the year. But he can't remember much about the details. Unlike a lot of his teammates, Steve's not a big one for gossip.

He accepts another congratulations from the guy in the urinal next to him he will never ever ever get used to fans coming up to him while he's taking a leak , and is washing his hands when Bucky comes banging in just as the other guy goes walking out. Bucky gives him another one of those odd, searching looks, then nods. Steve's heart stutters. He curls his hands into fists to keep from reaching out and making a grab. He's not gonna make the same mistakes or the same assumptions again. High school was a long time ago, and he's moved on. Bucky leans in even closer, lips touching the shell of Steve' ear.

Then he leans back and grins at Steve all triumphant like he's just pitched a shutout to clinch a playoff berth. Every bit of air in Steve's lungs leaves his body in one long whoosh. The al pastor Dodger Sausage was made in collaboration with Maestro and is available exclusively in the stadium. Topped with pineapple chunks, pineapple salsa and cilantro-lime crema, it just might give the classic Dodger Dog a run for its money. Either way, we got the food previews early. The first was an esquite, which is back for the regular season.

The other postseason hit introduced during the World Series is a behemoth called Going Yard. The addition of more vegetarian options was important to Evans and his team.

The baby spinach salad is dressed with cucumbers, radishes, feta cheese and either walnuts or pecans and drizzled with a creamy mint dressing. A rice bowl inspired by the California roll and featuring ingredients like imitation crab, edamame, crab and cucumbers, also works for vegetarian fans.

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Tacos and veggie burger for the season. I read my Twitter and Instagram and listen to what the fans want. You can follow Chef Ryan on Twitter and Instagram. Contact Us. News Tacos Tacos See all.