Gorillas: Picture Book (Educational Childrens Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection 41)

CHARACTERS OF THE SCIENCE FICTION series 1. The iio boys – ssou nou kou pou mou tou hou 2. The earth boys – aayna, bayna, gayna, khayna, jayna 3. S uncle Ananta Aloy THE SPACE COLONY SOMA AMRIT BHABANI Chapter zero.

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Let your child choose the path of Danny's story. This book empowers kids to make decisions and see what impact those decisions have. This interactive book can be read over and over to reach the many different endings. Help your kids deal with negative emotions and bad days with mindfulness! It works for the grumpy cow in this story. Dealing with bad feelings is crucial to making progress in tough situations. Your budding environmentalist will love this book. It introduces the importance of the world's oceans and how each drop of water is part of our most important resource.

Body safety is so crucial. Jayneen Sanders has written many picture books on this topic, but this one gets right to the heart of it.

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Even the smallest kids should understand that they have body autonomy. Not only does this beautiful board book introduce the Muslim traditions during the month of Ramadan, it also emphasizes taking time to feel thankful and help others. It's the first in a new series of board books called Celebrate The World.

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This is such a charming book that shows what a hero a dad can be in their child's life. More important than the old-fashioned standards of dads being tough or making money, this shows the father in a nurturing and loving role. This sweet autobiography of young transgender activist Jazz Jennings is a simple and sweet explanation of what it is like for your brain to be one gender and your body to be another.

Jazz puts it simply, explaining that she was "born this way. If a mutant potato can have radical self-acceptance and view himself as the cutest thing in the world, then so can you! Of course, Rot is actually super cute. How Do You Wokka Wokka? All the kids in the neighborhood have their own unique style in this bopping, rhythmic story about doing it your way. Some babies are born in cities, some in tents, some with blonde hair and some with dark hair, but all have ten little fingers, ten little toes, and a special place in their parents' hearts.

Kids love acting along with this sweet Australian favorite. This is a beautiful book with an urban setting. It emphasizes the importance of community, and teaches that there is beauty and joy everywhere, even on the bus.

Two classmates need to work together even though they have nothing in common. They are different races and they have none of the same interests. They stumble over discussing these things. It's a safe space for little progressives to explore race relations and learn that listening and respect is what matters, even if they misstep. This is an essential book for any young poetry collection. It's as fun to read as it is inspiring. This is a classic book about feeling out of place, but celebrating who you are.

Children will learn about self-esteem and empathy, which is fuel for progressive minds. The poor red crayon in this story is terrible at being red. The problem is he's a blue crayon with a red label. The other crayons around him tell him to try harder or practice more but none of it works. Nothing works until he does something radical: he lets himself be blue. This book is great because it defuses the damaging effects of labeling.

Born of Mitch McConnell's dismissive attempt to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren, the leftist catch-cry, " nevertheless, she persisted " is here woven into a rich biographic story full of heart, designed to inspire little girls to fight for what they believe in. This wordless picture book deals with conflict and conflict resolution. Easy to understand, this story shows how fighting breaks things and teamwork builds bridges. This bilingual book shows a father and his son speaking both Spanish and English. The bottom line in this story is that children thrive when their parents love them and spend time with them.

The story of Norman and his unconventional talent encourages kids to share their gifts, no matter what they are. This book offers a simple look at our world and our place in it. It's great for offering a bit of perspective. We might be small in the grand scheme of things, but what we do is important.

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Wouldn't it be great if we all looked at for each other? If we offered shelter to those in need? Well, the big umbrella in this book does just that. This title says it all.

The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Barsoom #2)

Be yourself! Celebrate what makes you different! Be kind to people you don't understand. Kids and babies will love this colorful, progressive book. Even small children can be heroes. Ruby Bridges was only six years old when she was the first black child to go to an all-white school. A thoughtful look at what bravery is. If you want to dive into the lives of inspiring black women, this is your book.

Over 40 women are profiled here, illustrating the various ways you can make a difference. This classic Dr. Seuss book is an allegory about the difference between the haves and have nots. Spoiler: there's not a whole lot of difference, and the tides could change at any time. Kids instinctually realize nobody is inherently better or more important than anyone else. It's great to hear them express these thoughts. Educators are so vital in raising great progressives.

This is a lovely tribute to a great educator. Parents will appreciate how the principal in the book cares for and nurtures each child in her school.

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And kids will appreciate how magical school can be. This story reminds the youngest readers that they are loved and that there are a million ways to love. Kat wants to solve the world's problems through writing a song. Sometimes changing the world is as simple as that. You might not be able to solve every problem you come across, but you can make the days brighter for the people around you.

This is the story of a young activist out to save the life of an ancient lobster that's about to become someone's meal. The power of a voice with the help of the press and you can make a change and maybe save an awesomely huge lobster.

You're probably going to be reading counting books with your kids, so why not layer in some progressive ideas while you're at it. This book is a hilarious take on the classic tale, but it's from the point of view of the "big bad" wolf, challenging assumptions and introducing a slightly contrarian look at representation and ownership of truth. Maybe the wolf knocked the houses down. Maybe he even ate some pigs, but he deserves to be heard. This groundbreaking trilogy of graphic novels tells the story of the Civil Rights Movement from Congressman John Lewis's point of view.

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It's a gorgeous collaboration and highlights some of the best progressive moments in our country's history. If you want to make a difference, but don't know where to start, then this book is for you. Full of information and fun graphics, this is a primer on all things progress from letter writing to protest signs to boycotts.

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Can you be awesome even if you have stinky toes? Heck yeah, you can!

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Celebrate yourself and all your splendor. While toddlers will love reading this book, the adults will be delighted with it as well. Its journey begins as a stream in the mountains, illustrated by Venezuela 's Tepui , where there is a tropical downpour almost every day. It then travels hundreds of kilometres before forming rapids.

With the aid of some expansive helicopter photography, one sequence demonstrates the vastness of Angel Falls , the world's highest free-flowing waterfall. In Japan, the water is inhabited by the biggest amphibian, the two-metre long giant salamander , while in the Northern Hemisphere, salmon undertake the largest freshwater migration, and are hunted en route by grizzly bears. The erosive nature of rivers is shown by the Grand Canyon , created over five million years by the Colorado River. Also featured are smooth coated otters repelling mugger crocodiles and the latter's Nile cousin ambushing wildebeest as they cross the Mara River.