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The British police said Saturday that they had made five arrests in the case of what they called a homophobic attack on two women who were assaulted and robbed on the deserted top deck of a double-decker bus in North London last month.

Four teenagers ages 15 to 18 were arrested on Friday on suspicion of robbery and aggravated grievous bodily harm, the Metropolitan Police of London said in a statement. On Saturday, a fifth teenager was detained, the police said. The police have attributed the increase, in part, to a greater willingness of people to report anti-gay crimes. The attack took place around a.

She said that she and her girlfriend, Chris, had been heading toward Camden after a date when a group of young men harassed them. Geymonat said in the Facebook post that no one else was on the upper level of the bus.

OPINION: Lesbians need to get the L out of the LGBT+ community

Geymonat told the BBC that she had tried to intervene, and was quickly assaulted. I don't understand my own emotions and feelings half the time, let alone another woman's.

Oh yeah, and if you think having sex with someone who has the same parts as you is easier, you're wrong there too. You know how it's easy to put mascara on yourself but not on someone else? Yeah, it's kind of like that. There is always a "man" and a "woman" in lesbian relationships. My girlfriend and I both happen to be pretty feminine. I have seen lesbian couples where both women are on the masculine side, too. Believe it or not, lesbians care a lot about personality, just like straight couples. We don't just go around trying to fill a gender deficiency. Who we are attracted to doesn't have a whole lot to do with how we ourselves look.

Rather, it has to do with Wow, what a concept! The Frisky: The power of first loves. Lesbians have daddy issues or were sexually abused as kids. My sexual preference has nothing to do with trauma or some kind of damage that happened to me as a child. Imagine, for a moment, what this conversation would look like if it went the opposite way.

Southampton theatre cancels shows after actors in LGBT play attacked

Straight woman: I'm straight. Lesbian: Ooooh! Do you have a really bad relationship with your mother?! Straight woman: No. Lesbian: Well, you must have been sexually abused by a big, mean lesbian as a child. Ridiculous, isn't it? If you are a lesbian you've never had a meaningful relationship or been in love with a man.

This is a hard one to make people believe, but it isn't true.

When lesbians were not women

When I was younger, I identified as bisexual and had a three-year relationship with a man whom I loved a lot. A few years after we broke up, I realized I couldn't date or sleep with men anymore because I didn't feel sexually attracted to them. Things change, OK? A woman who has a relationship with a woman is free to identify as straight when the relationship ends, so why can't I do the opposite? The Frisky: 8 signs you should unfriend someone on Facebook. Lesbians get committed really fast and don't cheat.

The old joke that a lesbian's second date is renting a U-Haul is stupid. Like straight couples, some become a "we" very fast, and some don't.

The 7 Lesbians I've Met At Gay Bars

Oh yeah, and you know how promiscuity happens in some hetero relationships and not in others? That also happens with homosexual couples. Let's stop stereotyping women as commitment-obsessed, clingy crazies, OK? Women who like women -- especially bisexual chicks -- are just dying to take part in your threesome.

Obviously, this varies depending on the person. I, myself, do not want to share my girlfriend with anyone. I'd rather drink a bottle of shampoo than watch someone else touch her.