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CHARACTERS OF THE SCIENCE FICTION series 1. The iio boys – ssou nou kou pou mou tou hou 2. The earth boys – aayna, bayna, gayna, khayna, jayna 3. S uncle Ananta Aloy THE SPACE COLONY SOMA AMRIT BHABANI Chapter zero.

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Entrepreneurs can stay accountable several ways:

One of the surest paths to success is imitating the people you admire. Photo Credit: Joshua Earle. In her research study , Dr.

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It makes sense. No one who quits a goal achieves it. Need help becoming QuitterProof? Download my free book. In one year, a person working only 15 minutes every day will invest almost twice as much time as someone cramming in a two hour session every other week.

But the truth is, everyone is born for failure. And the people who learn how to win with failure, get to enjoy success. Dyson learned from each experiment, and on his 5, attempt, he found the design he was looking for. Successful people fail more because they try as long as it takes.

Why You Need to Fail to Succeed

Are you willing to do the same? Try things. Learn things. Failure is the tuition you pay to become a master. Author and researcher K.

The One Reason Self-Care Fails: or Succeeds.

Anders Ericsson has dedicated his career to studying the power of practice. In his book Peak , he writes ….

By talking regularly, you'll avoid getting to the point where the wheels are falling off and it's too late for candid conversations to help. Why wait until you're in critical condition?


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Every relationship reaches a point when the white gloves come off and the comfort sets in. Comfort has its upsides, but the problems arise when that comfort turns into consideration going out the window. This causes you to stop seeing the things you love about your partner, replacing them with the things you hate. Avoid this lack of consideration and care by pouring healthy energy into your relationship. Tend to your relationship with a healthy dose of love and attention.

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Be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually present in your relationship and for your partner. Listen even when you don't agree, and make a conscious decision to put in the work.

Intimacy, by definition, is about closeness and togetherness. But for some couples, relationship problems can become a barrier to entry. Light candles and play romantic music while you're cooking at home. Enhance the things you already do together, and dedicate yourself to being present.

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Forget technology and consider only your partner, giving yourselves the opportunity to create intimacy.