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CHARACTERS OF THE SCIENCE FICTION series 1. The iio boys – ssou nou kou pou mou tou hou 2. The earth boys – aayna, bayna, gayna, khayna, jayna 3. S uncle Ananta Aloy THE SPACE COLONY SOMA AMRIT BHABANI Chapter zero.

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Is it habitable? Will there be water?

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But the spacecraft might indeed return usable earth-science data. The only question presently answerable is whether or not the team will come into the office after midnight and set about studying the data, or wait for more civilized hours of the morning.

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The scientists seem galvanized by the prospects of doing real science with a real spacecraft and an instrument payload that they conceived and carried to construction. The cameras are different. DellaGiustina is equally interested in what might go wrong, because better to encounter it now than at Bennu. The Earth-observation campaign will also help Lauretta, Knutson, DellaGiustina, and other mission managers calibrate the team. Planetary-science missions are notoriously taxing.

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They will at the same time be publishing papers and reporting results. The one on which we live. The next time they do this will be at Bennu. You need to feed them the right information.

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You need to give them the right environment, and leave them alone enough to do their brilliant work. People have different cultures and different ways of getting along. Being able to have common jokes. These very human things help us in times of crisis. The camera suite was designed for Bennu, one of the darkest objects in the solar system. It is about the color of highway asphalt. The Earth and its swirling white clouds, patchwork continents, and azure oceans might be a bit too much. The whole image might be washed out. On a spiritual level, that first image is everything.

Some are seated, some are standing, the anxiety of the moment preventing any real commitment one way or another. The images are still on the spacecraft, so Church is monitoring its data from her computer—one of a dozen on the table, some open, some closed—and instant messaging her colleagues at Lockheed Martin in Denver for the status of the downlink. Lockheed runs spacecraft operations. University of Arizona runs the science operations. NASA Goddard unifies and helps coordinate and manage the mission. Projected on one wall of the ops room is proprietary software that will receive the science data.

It should let us know when the image is ready to view.

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The room thrums with conversation and undirected energy, everyone sharing inside jokes and old war stories, what it was like receiving the first image from the spacecraft MESSENGER as it orbited Mercury and the first image from Phoenix at Mars. Engineering data will arrive first, and afterward, it should take a few minutes for each image to arrive: The spacecraft snapped dozens over a few hours. The energy of the room intensifies, and the scientists discuss camera fields of view and what to expect of this first image.

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